Website & IT Services

Web Design & Development

Many businesses are now finally seeing the need to have an online presence. We can provide that presence for you with the flexibility and reliability you need. We use all the latest best practices and techniques in order to give our clients maximum satisfaction.

We offer web design packages that can fit any budget. We have have packages, but contact us if you have something different in mind. We can setup your blog, social media site, or artists' landing page.

You want to manage content or sell stuff online? We can do that. You want to manage stuff? We can design a CMS for your needs. We keep everything easy for you to manage but still look stunning to your users. Why? So they can come back, again, and again.

Fully utilize the social aspects of presenting your business or personal presence online. Create your own blog. Sell your products online.

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How Do We Do It?

Fundamentally, web design and web development are actually two very different things. I combine the best of both worlds to give you code that is as attractive as your website. Besides, if someone doesn't start abiding by standards, then who will?

Coding Cookbook:

CSS, HTML, XHTML, XML, Flash/Actionscript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Photoshop, Wordpress, Joomla, Boilerplates, Bootstrap, JQuery, Responsive Design, W3C Standards.

Do It For How Much?

Regardless of your budget, we'll give you the best bang for your buck possible. So shoot us an email and let's discover how to enhance your web presence. We can do your domain registration & website hosting with email setup. We also offer Reliable Support + SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services as well.

IT Consulting

Do you need a network setup? Do you want to know the best source for your company's next pc rollout? We can provide you with the answers you need and/or the hard work to get it done. We can work with you to provide support for desktops, laptops, tablets, and more.

Did the Geek Squad make your computer problems even worse. Do you need to clean up your pc and get rid of all that adware you somehow picked up? Well, we can really fix it.

Why concern yourself with problems that can be easily outsourced? We can build a system just for you, or upgrade what you already have. Maybe you just want someone to spec out some workstations for your next company rollout.

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